Bria (Kristina)

Member since: 2013.07.25

Whovian since May 2013. The Ninth Doctor was my first (and I adore him) but the Tenth is my Doctor (Tentoo is Rose's! :)) if I have to pick just one because my heart breaks for him the most. I finished all complete Classic Who serials (incomplete stories or reconstructions don't interest me at all) as of March 17, 2017 and my favorite companions are Jamie, Jo, and Ace. The Third Doctor is my Classic Doctor.

Dedicated Doctor/Rose shipper. Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Tentoo/Rose. It doesn't matter, it's all OTP (though Tentoo is my endgame for several reasons). Tentoo is the Doctor and I will only call him that in my stories (except for legal purposes in Pete's World). I love both Martha and Donna but the thought of either of them with the Doctor? Just no. Not my cuppa. Doctor/Rose all the way.

I write but nothing very long as I'm not that creative and plot is not my strength. I'm a better reader/reviewer than writer but I always appreciate constructive reviews. Thank you very much for reading. :)