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I\'m Cassie.. Also known as Dino. I scare the shiznits out of my Cookie all the time while we role play. (I play Rose and it\'s basically our fan fiction, so if you read that you\'ll know why I freak her out; OMIGOOOOSH. I can be like, the Steven Moffatt of role playing with Cookie!!). Anywhore! I\'m 16 and yeah. So, depending on how we split the book chapters up, I might be doing Rose\'s POV. We haven\'t decided much with this fan fiction yet.


Hello, I\'m the ginger! c:

I\'m Cookie. I\'m not telling you my real name because it\'s a secret. c; I\'m the one who usually makes Cassie laugh when we roleplay. (I play The Doctor, and you will see in our fan fiction. She\'s Moffat\'s best friend, I swear.) I just MIGHT do The Doctor\'s POV, once we start writing our fan fiction. We haven\'t really decided a lot on it yet. But we hope you enjoy it when we do!

BTW, I just thought that i\'d throw this out there... The idea of Rose \'jumping\' is all around the Doctor Who fan fics. So, that, I\'m afraid, we don\'t take credit for. I\'m not sure who originally started it, but it wasn\'t us. However, most of the other ideas and how we\'ve slightly changed some things, purely and solely belong to us. The characters belong to the amazing BBC.

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