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Hello, fellow profile snooper,

I\'m sure you\'ve come here to learn more about me and my writing style. Well, there\'s not much to say for myself that you don\'t know: I carry a special - near obsessive - fondness for Doctor Who, I use writing as therapy for both real world troubles and the heartache brought on by Moffat, and I love to travel. Okay, maybe you didn\'t know the last one for sure, but I think it can be inferred from my love of this show.

As for my writing style, I have only one word: slow. I edit things to death, then send them off to friends to be edited some more; I\'m never quite satisfied. But, what makes it to the end - and there are a LOT of stories that don\'t for one reason or another - I post for my like-minded Whovians who want just a little more than the show is willing to give us.

I don\'t expect to write a lot of stories for Doctor Who, and will most likely stick to oneshots/twoshots because trying to write a longer story. . .well, takes longer. I\'ve tried. I\'ve even had some really good ideas. But, my muse doesn\'t stick around as long as I need her to to sustain me through the writing/editing process. So, that 50,000 word NaNoWriMo project I feverishly wrote in a month? Scraped. Sadly it has happened more than once. Maybe someday that will change.

I hope you enjoy the ramblings I share. And I\'m always up for a debate on WHO\'s different \'ships.\' I suppose, if forced to choose, I would pick Rose and 10 as my OTP; however, I can fall in love with just about any companion and any Doctor. My writing, so far, isn\'t overly shippy though. I like realism. Ironic, I know.

Thanks for stopping by!
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