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I\'m the Gamer. \"That\'s not a name\"? Well, neither is \'the Doctor\'! If he can refer to himself by an ambiguous title like that then so can I!

I like to think of myself as being a child at hearts, though my appearance is that of a young woman. I am based in the United States of America (rather than the UK, like a certain other Gallifreyan we all know and love), so if my grammar isn\'t properly British then you\'ll know that\'s why.

Recently debating whether or not to drag all my Doctor Who stuff from fanfiction.net over here as well... Might just do some of it, but we\'ll see.
And now, something for you, visitors to my profile page, to do (other than read what I\'ve posted and potentially leave reviews as well)... You see that series above my list of stories? \"The Forgotten Ones\"? Well, it\'s an open series, so you can add your own stories to it!

A somewhat simple challenge: select a character that has only been in one Doctor Who story and write about what happened to them either before or after their only canon appearance. Maybe revisit a minor character at a later date where they encounter the Doctor again, or perhaps explain your take on a certain bad guy of the day\'s history and how they became the way they were. Or vice versa! Your choice!

It\'s alright if they\'ve been shown in more than one episode as long as it was just within a single multi-parter -- for example, you could choose Strackman Lux from \'Silence in the Library\' and \'Forest of the Dead\' since that was a single story in two parts, but NOT Craig Owens from \'The Lodger\' and \'Closing Time\' because they were two separate stories independent of one another.
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