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Hi, I\'m fourteen and totally insane. I have not gone a day without writing since I was about eight and Doctor Who fanfics are only a tiny part of the load of rubbish that comes flowing out my head onto paper. You should she how many full notebooks I have. It\'s actually ridiculous, one day I might put all the thoughts together and get something coherent. You never know.

I write for all the Doctors but I have never seen more than clips of One, Two, Four, Five, Six or Seven though I know and have read a lot about them, so don\'t murder me about small discrepancies!

My four favourite Doctors are the third Doctor, closely followed by the Eighth. Ninth is next then Sixth.

Ashamed though I am and young though I am I enjoy reading and writing smut - so shoot me. Hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

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