WhosUnderMyBed (Suzanne)

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I Love horror (NOT slasher) movies, love fan fic (smutty or regular, I don\'t care), I am obsessed with Doctor Who, especially the 10th Doctor (4th was my first Doctor), my husband is well aware that I have a severe obsession with David Tennant. I guess he doesnt mind since I\'m not likely to run away with him... Straight, but not narrow, married, but not blind! I love comedy, British TV, current affairs and politics, among other things.

Writing for my own personal use for years, I have finally decided to step into the fan fiction realm. I\'m a hopeless, smutty romantic, and I love to read them as much, if not more, than to write them. My Plot Bunnies LOVE reviews, they only ask that criticisms be given politely. First rule of thumb is, \"It\'s not WHAT you say, it\'s HOW you say it. :)