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I have been an avid fan of Doctor Who since 2006 when I saw the first new season on DVD. It was then that I fell in love with the story of Rose and the Doctor. My infatuation continued when I was introduced to David Tennant (gorgeous! love him!) as the Doctor (10 will always be MY Doctor,) and the chemistry between him and Billie Piper really caught my imagination. They have been my OTP ever since ... although, Rose and any of the Doctors would suffice, and I think that she and Chris Eccleston were fantastic together! I cannot thank RTD and his crew enough for creating such a strong character in Rose. And I cannot thank Billie Piper enough for making her real, showing us all her imperfections, strengths, and vulnerabilities.
I used to write a lot in elementary and high school ... but then real life sucked the imagination out of me. The Doctor and Rose have given me the inspiration to try again, and I have found that I really enjoy it very much.
I write what I refer to as FWP (Fluff without plot.) If you donít like fluff and angst, weeell Ö sorry, I canít help you much. I write mainly one-shots, but I am working on a couple of longer stories, too. One of them has a little bit of plot Ö :D So thereís hope for the future!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read my stories. It means so very much.