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Long-time fanficcer, only recently decided to take the Who plunge. At the moment, strictly into the new Who (2005 plus;) haven\'t seen the Sarah Jane Adventures or Torchwood. Can\'t watch the most recent season till either it shows up on Netflix Instant or I happen to be at my sister\'s house while BBCA does a marathon of the episodes (caught up through The Snowmen on Christmas Day.) I don\'t do the books, radio dramas, comics, webcasts, etc., unless I happen upon them at a convenient time.

If you\'re not sure if you\'re going to like my writing, the following may help.

I\'m American, female, well past college. I\'ve been doing fanfic for British materials (primarily set in the last fifth of the 20th century) for fifteen years, but I\'m sure I don\'t get it all right. I\'m good with lifts, chips, Key Stages, state and public schools, Ministers instead of Secretaries, jumpers - the basic stuff.

Right now I\'m primarily interested in 10.5/Rose and related things (9, 10, and 11\'s relationships with Rose, adventures in Pete\'s World, etc.)

I don\'t write smut/lemons/etc., I don\'t do slash, I don\'t do graphic violence/sex, I don\'t put in (much) swearing, I don\'t like crossovers, and I try to stick to canon pairings. I don\'t do much in the way of AU stuff (unless canon really, really annoys me; I\'m looking at you, Ms. Rowling.)

Some of the philosophical and meta and just-plain-opinions stances I\'m currently holding onto with varying degrees of firmness:

9 was entranced by Rose, 10 was made for her, and 11 hasn\'t gotten over her; it\'s unlikely the Doctor ever will. The TARDIS and Jack miss her a lot, too, and that won\'t change, either. It was a longer separation for Rose than it was for the Doctor (due to dimension-hopping, not time-running-faster,) and no, they would not jump into either a bed or a marriage the first three hours they\'re in Pete\'s World. The Doctor and Rose did not have an extended physical relationship prior to Doomsday. In general, there has been vastly less sex (for anyone) than is often found in fanfiction. Well, anyone other than Jack.

Pete Tyler is not a moron and thus won\'t have either his daughter or the Doctor doing paperwork or administrative crap. Curtains and carpets and doors don\'t bother the Doctor as much as he has protested, and he\'s not incompetent at living a \"normal\" life. He knows better than to wreck their only toaster for funsies. The Doctor actually knew the things he knew, spoke the languages he said he spoke, etc. He\'s Batman or MacGuyver; he doesn\'t need the TARDIS or two hearts to get amazing stuff done or be helpful. The Doctor is not afraid of words, and is tremendously open-minded, and is therefore significantly better at grasping concepts such as \"This is not the same Torchwood as you knew\" than a great deal of fanfic supposes. [999,999^(1/59)] = 1.26; therefore, the baby TARDIS will be a grown-up TARDIS about one year and two months after planted.

Pete\'s World Arrangements
Rose didn\'t hire Dr. Martha Jones to work at Torchwood, at least not before she first saw the woman\'s face in Journey\'s End (!!) Very few powerful people in the Pete\'s World UK survived Lumic\'s Cyberman conversion conspiracy thing. That includes the majority of significant staff members at Torchwood (remembering that Pete reached out to a bunch of street toughs, NOT Torchwood/MoD/etc., when trying to take down Lumic\'s operation.) The Pete\'s World Torchwood wasn\'t super competent prior to Doomsday. Neither was the MoD or any other government organization. That \"people\'s republic\" bit is REALLY important. I suspect actually that Pete\'s World is quite dystopic; possibly even worse than Rowling\'s wizard society. Which is fun to write, so yay. There are serious issues with exactly what\'s different about Pete\'s World present throughout fanon. I\'m using the \"Tardis Data Core\" wiki as my source for information (I\'m agnostic on the Ricky/Jake thing, since all the scenes referring to it were deleted.)

The time running faster thing is driving me crazy. A cumulative total of 3 years\' difference as of 2007-slash-2010 should be over the course of the universes\' existence, should it not? Ugh. We\'re talking milliseconds per year in that case. Physics!!! Ahem. I\'m also willing to accept the \"it broke off the day Queen Victoria died\" theory, but that\'s three years spread out over about 140 years, which still leaves us with an average of about 8 days a year.

I might go in a couple of directions here and there, but it\'s probably safe to assume that nearly all my stories take place in a single, Callista-tuned version of canon, because I get attached to ideas easily.
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