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Um, yeah... about me... well, I'm me. That's enough, innit? What, you want more than that? Fine, fine, you don't have to be so picky. Been writing off and on since I was a tot. Been hooked on Doctor Who since I was in diapers and I tend to haunt the Gallifrey Base forums, Twitter, and the Teaspoon. A LOT. If you've ever run across me on there, well, you have been previously warned and know I've got an offbeat sense of humor (when I'm not drowning in angst, that is). If you haven't, then, SURPRISE!!!!

I do all my writing and posting on a cell phone, so this is all the work of one thumb.

I'm @Thanatosx49 on Twitter and Thanatosx49 on LJ. Add me if you like. :-)

I'm American, live in the sticks of Maine and live off-grid.
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