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I have finally started writing actual fics based on Doctor Who/Torchwood, but I\'ve been reading them for quite some time. Hopefully I\'ll have the energy to post some more soon. It may take a bit of time for the most up to date chapters to arrive here as I have to fix my simplest grammar errors to allow entry past the editors. If you\'re impatient, please check FFN.

*Special Note to all would-be flamers*
The information in this note is derived from a review I received on FFN and I felt that this person may have ventured there from here. My ire over this knows no bounds.

I find it rather funny to read flames, even ones that have been written grammatically correctly. It seems that, for some reason, my fic, Tiptoe Through Torchwood, has accumulated a rather idiotic person who feels the need to criticise the fact that I tend to use periods to enter/exit from speech instead of commas. I must emphasize that these stories are *not* published. If the periods are the only thing you [Chris] could find at fault with my writing, you can KMA!! I\'m not lying about my age, nor am I going to whimper in a corner because you lack the balls to allow me to send you a personal note to argue the merits of the comma v. the period. Sorry. That is what an *editor* is for. And I have read books, many of them, for many years. And some of the most popular books that I have read, have colossal errors that prevent me from liking them. Such as plot holes you can drive an eighteen wheeler through, and dropped quotation marks.

I also write Harry Potter, Gundam Wing, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Escaflowne, and anything else my muses decide to fancy this week.

I am on FanFiction.Net, www.fanfiction.net/~Grayswandir

I am on livejournal, the_moon_sword.livejournal.com
This will be updated within 24 hours whenever I have any lemon content to share.

I am archived on my beta\'s site, www.squidge.org/~werewindle
She doesn\'t always update quickly, however it is an alternate location to find my content.
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