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American college student, and yes, total newbie. (Please go easy on me.) Saw Nine\'s tenure on the Sci-fi network; when \"Father\'s Day\" made me cry, I knew resistance was futile. I have since seen a few of Tom Baker\'s episodes on video, and been inordinately charmed.

(It was inevitable, really. Heck, I even made a ridiculously long scarf years before I knew a thing about the series. Granted, it isn\'t striped, and it isn\'t quite so long, but it is uneven and made with a crochet that doesn\'t technically exist, so I think it counts.)

Unfortunately, the Tenth Doctor, er, happens to push all of my buttons, in the wrong way, so I haven\'t written much new. On the other hand, I\'m now finally importing all my stories over from fanfiction.net because (swallows, still utterly astonished) people asked. Seriously. People asked. They left reviews and said \"Could you please post these over at Whofic?\" and I fell over in utter astonishment and then hurried to obey. Because I did have a name and password and one whole fic, I just hadn\'t updated it because I\'m, er, hideously paranoid about reading reviews, even though (perhaps even because) experience now says I shouldn\'t be.

Thank you all so, so much. Right when I\'m feeling overlooked, there are people saying wonderful things, and I am so incredibly grateful for that.
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