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Hello! Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of me, the Ignoramus.

I\'m thinking this deserves an update...

OK, first things first. I\'m Angela, not known as ANYTHING else (I hate nicknames), I\'m 16 years old, a life-long Londoner, not much going for my life really... you know how it is. Mundane. The thought of spending my life as a normal person terrifies me. I never have been one and I don\'t intend to start now.

Yeah, I like Doctor Who... alright, maybe it\'s a teeny weeny bit more than that, but everyone does, right? *nervous laugh*

My one claim to fame is that I have met Jackie Tyler. Who told me I sang like an angel. :D

Music is my passion (piano, flute, piccolo, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, voice) I\'ll try anything, basically. Including songwriting... although some of the stuff I composed as a kid... *cringe* Currently working on a 4 part choral arrangement of \'Ave Maria\'.

Medical School 2010 at Cambridge (Trinity Hall), Imperial College, St Georges or Bristol hopefully!

As far as school\'s concerned, I have always been a neek, nerd, geek, whatever \'cos I\'m a terrible bookworm... \'Nuff said really.

All time BEST Minesweeper scores: 3 secs Beginner, 30 secs Intermediate, 96 secs Expert. If anyone can beat those, let me know and I will gawp at you for being so good.

If anyone likes the Classics, in particular Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice, I like them too. I\'ll read anything, but those two are my favourites. I won\'t tell you why. I could be here typing for some time. But take my word for it - they are amazing books. Please read them.

I think I should add here that my stories are also cross-posted on www.fanfiction.net, if you want to read them there instead. Thanks for reading :D
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