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I’m an “older” woman who lives in Perth, Western Australia. I’m married and have two adult sons, a daughter-in-law, a grandson and a new granddaughter. :) :)

My early fan life began with the original series of Star Trek, followed by the newer Trek – particularly TNG and Voyager. I wrote a few short stories, but my audience was very small – no Internet for me back then!

Even though I knew of the original Doctor Who (who doesn\'t!), it passed me by. That’s something I need to remedy some day. I became a New Who fan towards the end of 2010. My favourite Doctor is Ten (and Ten II).

I was so glad that I found Teaspoon. It’s a treasure house of Who fic! I\'ve read a countless number of fanfic, most of which is outstandingly written.

I initially joined so that I could review some of the wonderful stories I’d read. I was writing my first story and thought I’d eventually post it here. Well, it’s finally finished and posted. It *only* took 15 months. :) Of course, I wasn’t writing all that time - life gets in the way! I’m really in awe of writers who produce amazing work on a regular basis.

I’ve written some drabbles. I really enjoyed writing stories in an abbreviated short form style. Who knows what will come in the future?! :)

It is the future, and I\'m in the middle of writing a long story. I won\'t let it out into the world until I am confident that I don\'t need to make changes. It will arrive - one day!