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Hey, Howya, Hola, Dia Dhuit, whassup, and all that jazz! You have now stumbled across a wierdo\'s profile. How you got here, I\'m not sure. Hopefully you\'re reading my stories ;) but if not... take a look, maybe there\'s something in there you like. I\'m a Christian first and foremost, and a writer and artist after that. I write for any type of Doctor Who fics that may take my fancy. (Though I doubt you\'ll ever find a 9th Doctor fic, as I\'m not very fond of that season... and I haven\'t seen much of Classic Who, I\'m a very young Whovian) I ship Doctor/River Song, Rory/Amy, and occasionally Doctor/Donna if I feel like it. I work with kids, and I love kids in general, so most (if not all) will contain a kid at some point in the story. What can I say, they\'re good at pulling heartstrings! I\'m a violinist and pianist, I\'m in a band with my friends, and I\'m working on writing a novel or two. I\'m well-known for having hiatuses and writing spurts, writing in the middle of the night or early in the morning, thinking up ideas in the shower, and running with characters before I even have a plot. My characters tend to leave me and go somewhere fun... like Hawaii, or lock me in the closet and narrate the story themselves. I don\'t really understand why they still want to be my friend, I do so many horrible things to them! Besides, they\'re stuck in my brain... I can only imagine what I nightmare that is! ;) My muse is incredibly unreliable, and I usually run out of plots before I run out of character backstory. Tea is essential to my existence as a semi-normal being, and I detest coffee. You can find me in my natural habitat in a messy bedroom with my netbook and fuzzy blanket and stuffed animals. ;) If you can get there that is... it\'s booby trapped. Orrrrr you could just PM me... I\'m sure that would be easier, and slightly less life-threatening. Maybe.
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