Laurie Spitzer (Laurie Spitzer)

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I am a 59 year old woman from Texas, and a bona fide Whovian starting from the 2005 series. I have always liked to write, starting with Star Trek and the Man From U.N.C.L.E. stories when I was 12. In the 80\'s it was Remington Steele. I guess I\'ve always had a thing for fellas with accents!

October 2019: Just noticed what my previous bio says and realized that I have aged a wee bit since then! I'm now a 67 year old lady that tends to write smutty fanfic. Sounds a bit dirty, that, but I promise my stories always have a sense of humour to go along with the adventures between the sheets (or on top of the sheets, against the wall, in the woods, or wherever the mood takes them)! I'm currently waiting for the plot bunny to hop on me and give me another reason to write, but until then, enjoy!