skiesturndark (Claire)

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Hello! I\'m Claire! Nice to meet you! I like stuff, most notably Doctor Who, and I like people, \'cause usually they\'re pretty brilliant. I\'m most familiar with New Who, and I haven\'t actually seen that much Classic Who, though I\'m working on that. The stuff I write is mostly just dependent on what idea takes my fancy and whether it gets written down before it flies away, though it\'d probably be good to mention that I happen to be a Doctor/Rose shipper (not that I really dislike any characters because of this, I don\'t think). (Also, just a note of thanks to my sister, who basically betas everything I write as she is the most wonderful person ever.)

But anyway, I\'m here because I fell in love with what people do with this, how they can take this base story and add their own onto it, and how even though all of these stories are as different as the people who wrote them, they\'re all still interconnected, and therefore, the people are too. I saw it, and well, I want to get in on it too. I want to try to write stories that might be beautiful and throught-provoking and fun and just something that can connect to you, and something that you, person who is reading this, may possibly love yourself. I want to have fun with this, and I\'d be honored if you\'d join me.

So yeah. There it is.... Allons-y?