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19yo esoteric paranoid hysteric. Basically, Australian. I\'m a bit obnoxious sometimes.

Basically, a few months ago, I sat down to find out what the deal was with Doctor Who. Barely an hour after watching the first episode of S6, I was already wearing a bow tie. (Because bow ties are, and always will be, cool.)

Eleven is my first Doctor, and the one closest to my heart, although Nine and Ten have equally special places. I adore David Tennant to pieces and I\'m probably more familiar with or more comfortable with the Tenth Doctor, so most of my fics will feature him.

As far as companions go, I pretty much love all the ones from New Who. Donna is and always will be my absolute, favourite companion - closely followed by Martha (who is all kinds of extraordinary), Amy, Rory, and Mickey (because Mickey counts, damn it). Rose is by far my least favourite, but that\'s not to say I don\'t like her.

And, the Master. Ohhh, John Simm\'s Master. One word: BRILLIANT. Don\'t be surprised if there\'s an unhealthy amount of Simm!Master/Ten...
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