geronimoltobene (Rachel DiFiore)

Member since: 2011.08.31

I am very much not a writer but I\'ve got way too many ideas and stories floating around my brain I\'ve just got to get them out. Been watching our dear Doctor only since about November 2010, where he decided to play with my love of science and history, and I\'ve been completely devoted since. Ten and Donna has to be my favorite combo, with the current trio reigning second. And I adore Jack/John Barrowman! I\'ve only watched sporadic Classic Who, so any writing I post will probably be based off of the new stuff. Donna gets in my head the easiest.

I\'m currently writing a very twisty-turny, timey-wimey story, \"the Thread that Binds,\" because the idea got in my head and needed an escape, and also just to see if I can do it. There\'s a ton of little plot points writhing in my brain and it\'s a challenge to link them all together. I hope I can do it!

I\'m 31, live in Connecticut, and play with nearly-Tardis blue airplanes for a living. My employer calls it canyon blue, I think otherwise. Canyons aren\'t blue. Tardises are blue.

Oh yes, and I have \'molto bene\' tattooed on my right foot.