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Nickname\'s Eli. I\'m a 24-year-old female; a graduate from California State University- Los Angeles with a Bachelor\'s in Social Work who hopes to get her Master\'s so she can work in her selected field; born and raised in Los Angeles, California; an older sister; Hispanic-American (1/2 Salvadorian, 1/2 Guatemalan); a reader; a writer; a fandom music movie maker; a dreamer; a music lover; lethargic; hyper-when-given-enough-sweets-or-has-had-enough-sleep; summer lover; a moon worshiper; nocturnal; favours the colours dark blue and silver; favours white roses; glasses/contacts-wearer; somewhat shy; animal lover; dog (Maltepoo) owner; a Language Arts and Math tutor for K-12 students; more tomboyish than girly; easily distracted; multi-tasker; have a muse named Manica AKA Manni.

Recent (2010) Doctor Who fan. I stumbled upon this fandom thanks to Bookjunkie-22 at fanfiction.net for having the Doctor and Rose guest-appear in her Tin Man fic and a Harry Potter fic (which I still haven\'t been able to find). While it took me a while to warm up to Doctor Who (and by a while, I mean about three episodes of Series 1), I soon became absolutely obsessed. I have only seen New Who, so I\'m not very familiar with the Classic, unless I\'ve read about it in fanfiction or the TARDIS Index File, or if you count watching the movie with Eight.

Rose is my all-time favorite companion, followed VERY closely by Donna, Martha, Rory, and Amy. (Admittedly, it took me a while to warm up to Martha and Amy, but now I have nothing but love for them.)

I will NEVER be able to chose between the 9th and 10th Doctor. 8 comes as a close second and, while it took me some time to come to love 11, I do, I really do. I love the thought of Peter Capaldi as 12, but I fear I won\'t be able to watch him until Moffat is gone.

My One True Pairing:


There will be no arguments. Anyone else with either one without the other is just a big no, no. What I mean by this is I won\'t say no to Doctor/Rose/Jack or Doctor/Rose/Master. O:-)

Other Pairings and Threesome I have come to love:


Overall Disclaimer: Any characters I use from here on out are not mine unless I say so.
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