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I turned to my husband recently and said, \"How is it that I\'ve only just found this and it holds such a place in my heart?\"

I\'m newish to the Who fandom, but I\'ve fallen hard. It tickles the place in imagination that Harry Potter does: something so magical and wonderful and so a part of the joy I experience in life I get happy just thinking about it.

That sounds mushy. But my love for this series is voracious. Only a handful of months ago, I got hooked starting with Eccleston, and have watched and loved Tennant and Smith. I\'m in the process of working back further--through some of the Baker (my husband\'s first Doctor) and Davidson stories so far. This is good stuff, my friends; but of course, you know that or you wouldn\'t be here.

I don\'t write a lot of fic, though I do read a lot. I usually write in waves, when I can no longer avoid the vicious attack of the plot bunny. Mostly I\'m interested in what happens after--I\'m fascinated by the Human!Doctor and the lives of companions when their travels are completed.

Thanks for reading, I\'m quite honored. I feel a little silly posting these fantasies of mine and knowing you\'ve taken the time to read them is pretty swell.

Fice also posted here (I understand some browsers/devices make it easier to read, even though there are now teaspoons on the page)
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