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Hello. I\'ve recently fallen in love with DW, mainly Tennant\'s Doctor so his is the only one that I write about. I\'m a mom of two small boys, one\'s 3 and one\'s 1.5-ish so I don\'t have as much time to write as I\'d like but I do try to update my stories as quickly as I can.

As of right now I\'m trying a new (for me) system where I focus on one story at a time and just update it until it\'s finished. I have 8 un-finished fanfiction stories out there but only three of them are DW stories so it may take me a while to update any of my others. Currently I\'m working on the Sphere and that\'s it but once that one\'s done I may switch to one of my ff stories and update that one until it\'s done then move on to another DW one. I\'m trying to balance it out between my current obsession (DW) and my recent obsessions (House MD and Stargate Atlantis).

I\'ve only begun writing Doctor Who (DW) fics and have taken to doing a couple of crossovers as well so any feedback is welcome. I\'ve read quite a few stories from this site and really liked them but didn\'t consider posting until someone suggested it in a review reply over on

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