BiteyMadLady (Liz)

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I'm a sixties-something newly-retired Disaster Recovery Planning Consultant who worked far too many hours, but who enjoys formulating bizarre test scenarios that challenge the participants. I have a degree in English and German philology, spent two years in Law school (before deciding I didn't want to be a lawyer) and unfortunately, I find myself using my skills to surviving on my off-grid ranch rather than fulfill my inherent need to write.

In my personal life, I'm something of a total geek. A wife and mother to three boys, I now find myself waking groggily from the dream-like mundane life sans children and +1 demanding Vizsla. My obsessions are broad and eccentric, and include tent camping, leisure travel, gardening, technology (I build many of my own computers), Shakespeare, live theatre, reading, writing, and sci-fi (always sci-fi, from as long as I can remember). I've also been an inveterate Anglophile since cutting my teeth on imported British TV via PBS as a pre-teen.

A writer from a very early age (fifth grade), most of my scholastic accolades were for creative writings with original characters. My first fan-fiction, around age thirteen as I recall, was an attempt at an original episode of the "Odd Couple" from the television show. Recently, I found that script amongst the detritus of my life, and I was surprised to find it amazingly coherent, albeit very primitive in a thirteen year-oldish way. Ah, if only an early teen could imagine how middle-aged men truly interacted!

My most recent foray into fanfic was a few decades ago when I was deeply engaged in Star Trek online role-playing. One of the reasons I hesitate to jump headlong back into the world of fanfic is the fact that it tends to take over my life. Sleep becomes a most irritating and infrequent necessity, inhumanly large doses of espresso becomes one of the major food groups, and mundane work matters tend to take a back burner.

The Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, was my first Doctor. To this day he still holds a special place in my heart and he will always be "My Doctor", but it is New Who that currently enthralls me. I find myself wondering wispfully what it would have been like had Christopher Eccleston held a longer tenure. David Tennant as Ten, so devastatingly gorgeous and larger than life, sparks an almost uncontrollable urge to write again. His chemistry with Billie Piper's Rose, and their heartbreakingly tragic love story, is ripe with possibilities for fanfic. I'm also extremely fond of the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. His boyish charm makes me smile every time he is on the screen. But my new love, although I love ALL of the Doctor's, is Twelve. This older, darker, more broken Doctor with an older man's face and the heart of a child, has captured my attention in a big way. What Peter Capaldi brings to the role is understated but powerful. His Doctor may not be a "boyfriend" Doctor, but he is most definitely all twelve incarnations rolled into one. Twelve constantly reminds me that I love *all* the Doctors, in all their incarnations.

I hesitate to say how many hours I've lurked on this site reading astoundingly good stories that feed my urge to delve back into the world of writing. The itch is fomenting an obsession with only one cure, however. Someday, somehow, you are bound to see my tentative dabblings as I scrape off the decades old rust. Please be kind, but brutally truthful, if you understand that proof-reader's conundrum. :-)

At the moment I am building my retirement home, so please forgive me for huge lapses in posting. Not a day goes by that I am not writing in my head, so don't be surprised if, someday soon, you get a deluge.