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I LOVE the RTD era. I\'m American, so I haven\'t seen very many classic episodes, but the ones I\'ve seen, I like.
My favorite Doctors are:
4, 5, 7, 9, 10

I like 11, but I don\'t like what Moff has done with the series.

I spend time reading and attempting to write 10 fics. None of them has exactly, you know, WORKED yet.

Rose is my favorite companion. It isn\'t ALL about the cute romance potential either. Their chemistry is great; it is what a companion should BE.

But, for the record, I ship them A LOT.


I don\'t like what Moff has done with 11, but I thought the episode \"The Doctor\'s Wife\" was FANTASTIC! It embodied the TARDIS perfectly. BUT! Rose went and had the TARDIS all up in her head, where was that mentioned at all, hmm?

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