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Penname:Fiona12690 (Holly Seidel)
Member Since:2011.05.09
Hiya! My name is Holly.

I\'m a huge fan of Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Pairings I ship:

.:Torchwood: Jack/Ianto, Owen/Tosh.
.:Doctor Who: 9/Rose, 10/Donna, 11/Amy.

I love stories which include:

.:Torchwood: Gwen Bashing, Ianto M-Preg, Depressed!Ianto, Protective!Owen and Jack, Brotherly!Owen, Living!Tosh and Owen, and Anything that takes place during Season One.

.:Doctor Who: Donna being able to remember her time with the Doctor, Jenny actually finding the Doctor once more, Rory staying dead, Rose not showing up in Season 4, Martha saying something other than \'Can\'t Be.\' during season 3.

Things I Thought Should Not Have Happened:

.:Torchwood: First, Ianto dying in COE seriously WTH. Second, Tosh and Owen should have never died in anyway. Third, the hiring of Gwen shouldn\'t have happened, she was annoying and selfish.

.:Doctor Who: Donna\'s mind should have never been wiped, they could of thought of something temporary. Rory keeps coming back to life.... that\'s gotta stop, I believe he is now the Kenny of DW. Allowing Martha to comment with the phrase, \'Can\'t Be\'.

Things That Should of Happened:

.:Torchwood: More Jack/Ianto kissing and relationship moments. Tosh and Owen actually being able to go on that date. The Team somehow becoming Immortal, except Gwen.

.:Doctor Who: The Doctor should have came back five minutes later for Amy. Rose staying in her own Series. Martha actually showing that she can be amazing and that it sometimes \'Can Be\'. Donna staying in the TARDIS fulltime.
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