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Iím a writer in my twenties who aspires to be a published author when Iím not busy trying to teach children or read. I love writing slash fanfiction, and most of my writing is both of those, although I will sometimes write something that isnít fanfiction. I keep back some of my original stories in the hopes that I will one day find someone willing to publish them, and although I write poetry it is very rare I will publish it. I have an embarrasing tendency towards writing romance, even when the story isnít supposed to be romantic.

My other major love is animals. I have far too many pets, who I love and will endlessly gush about. I have been a vegetarian for over a decade, since I went on a school trip to a local farm and found out what was planned for those cute piglets I wanted to take home and love. Iím a very creative person, but unfortunately too much of a perfectionist to be successful. I enjoy knitting and cross stitching, although sadly crochet is completely beyond me, and I also enjoy cubist painting and papercrafts. I enjoy gardening and plants in general and cooking Ė and I especially love combining those by cooking something Iíve grown myself! I love latin dancing and going to the pub with friends for pizza and shandies as well (although frankly, my waistline shows off the pizza more than the dancing!)

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