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13th Jan 07
Happy New Year!!
I still keeping my NY resolution!! If I haven\'t reviewed your story, I will!!
13th Feb 07
Ok, I am sorry I took so long to update this ramblings! I can\'t believe I am in the top 10 prolific reviewers!! I am 7th at the moment!! I am enjoying reading and reviewing your stories and didn\'t do it for that reason! but it is nice! Thanks to everyone who has reviewed old and new stories of mine! Thanks!!
16th March
I have taken a long time to update this, sorry if you have been reading my rambles!! I read in the newpaper (you can choose to believe it or not) that John Simms will be playing \'the Master\' in the new series of Doctor Who!! I can\'t believe it myself!! I can\'t wait for Doctor Who to come back to TV!! Oh and IT\'S RED NOSE DAY!! So get your red noses out and contribute to a good cause!! Oh and also contribute to Comic Relief Special by YecatsTennant10 has decided that they will donate 1 for every chapter added and 50p for very review made to Comic Relief. So help raise money for a good cause by contributing and reviewing. Ok ramblings over, thanks for reading them!!
20th March
I just pre ordered my copy of \'The Runnerway Bride\' DVD!! I can\'t wait for it to come!! It cost me nearly 11 though but it is worth it!!
30th March
I back from my holidays, I bought a few Doctor Who books while I was there. Two tenth Doctor ones and one old Doctor Who (from I might add a charity shop!!)
5th April
I got \'Runnerway Bride\' DVD, It is awesome!
23 July 2010
I\'m back again, I got no new stories at the moment but watch this space. Using my own laptop, not using the library computer!!

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