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I\'ve been a silent reader on Teaspoon for many years. You guys write the best Who fic! Thank you for MANY hours of fun reading.

I figure it\'s time I identify myself. Why? I dunno. Cuz. Anyhoo, my name is Bobbi JG Weiss, and I\'m a professional freelance writer. Have been for over 20 years (check out my resume on my website at weisswriters.com). I just want to say that, from a professional POV, I\'m amazed at the talent that\'s displayed in Teaspoon stories. Yay, Doctor writers!

I did put one story on Teaspoon, just a little snippet that came to me one day. I lovelovelove the Who soundtracks, and this story wouldn\'t go away until I wrote it out. But otherwise, I\'m probably not going to write anything cuz I\'m working on original novels.

Oh, a side note -- you guys don\'t know how lucky you are to have fan fic sites like this. When I was younger, I would have died to have this kind of community. My first stories (Star Trek, woo!) were published in old-fashioned fanzines printed on PAPER! That were distributed by MAIL! Once a YEAR! And, of course, they wouldn\'t print anything other than PG rated material. :) It was torture, I tell you. Now I can read fan stories till I barf, and I love it.

A few stats:
• Fave Doctor: Ten (oh, Mr. Tennant, you are yummy with a spoon) tho I love them all. I became a Who fan when I first saw Tom Baker\'s huge Who smile on a book cover in a comic book store many years ago.
• Fave Companion: They\'re all wonderful in their own ways. Sarah Jane, of course. And Donna, oh, she is the best! And Leela. Rose. Amy. And frankly, I really liked the first Romana played by Mary Tamm (I found Lala Ward a bit too cute and perky. She was supposed to be a Time Lord, not a blonde bimbette. Mary Tamm\'s Romana was a proper Time Lord... Lady... whatever...)
• Fave Pairings: I\'ll read anything good, but 10 with Donna always makes me giggle. 9 and Rose are adorable. Eleven and River are a hoot. Four and Leela are hysterical. Oh heck, I like 'em all!
• Fave kinds of stories: Angst, Hurt/Comfort—I'm a emotion junkie. Comedy when done well. And I don\'t usually like crack, but there have been a few that have made me lol.

So anyway, that\'s me, and I read Teaspoon almost every day.

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