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I\'m a broadcast writer by trade, a fanfiction author by avocation. My Doctor Who stories are the first I\'ve ever had the courage to share.

A chronological guide to the stories in my version of the Doctor Who Universe:

It Just Slipped Out: Ten/Rose drama. Incomplete.Spoilers for \"Fear Her.\" The Doctor\'s thoughts when he let it slip that he was a dad once. The story is supposed to lead to some serious late-night conversations, but I just haven\'t gotten there yet.

Hold On To Life: Ten/Rose romance and fluffiness. Completed. Takes place after \"It Just Slipped Out,\" before \"Army of Ghosts.\" The TARDIS takes a trip back into the past, to Traken, where the Doctor learns an important lesson.

Still Not Over It: TenRose fluff. He really wanted to be ginger this time. Completed.

The Storm: Tenth Doctor post-Doomsday angst and spoiler. Completed.

Tracking Torchwood: Arc One Tenth Doctor. Post-Doomsday, post-Martha, new original character. The start of a long and winding road back to Rose, beginning with trouble at Cape Canaveral. Complete.

Memories and Tears - A Tracking Torchwood Interstitial: Tenth Doctor angst and romance.M for content.

Tracking Torchwood: Arc Two:Shocking revelations at Torchwood on the road back to Rose.

Terminal: A Tracking Torchwood Interstitial: A peek into Rose\'s universe, where the past is coming back to haunt her.

Tracking Torchwood Arc Three: Rebuild the Time Lords? Can they get back to Rose? An intergalactic treasure hunt that leads the Doctor and Kit to Jack, and to some stunning surprises.

Tracking Torchwood Arc Four Rose enters the saga at last, and more surprises for the Doctor. Doomsday? Fixed.

The Midnight Clear: Christmas oneshot set several months after the end of \"Tracking Torchwood.\" Complete.

War in Heaven: Sequel to \"Tracking Torchwood.\" When you leave unfinished business scattered across Time and Space, it\'s bound to catch up with you. M for content. Complete.

Tales Told In A Minor Key: Vignettes from the \"Tracking Torchwood\" universe.
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