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I started watching Dr. Who in reruns on our local Public Access Channel at age 13, near the very end of the Third Doctor\'s tenure. Totally hooked, I continued to follow the series till it was taken off the air.

When it was revived, I didn\'t have access to cable, so it was a year or more before I found it again. I was initially attracted more to Captain Jack than Nine, and when he left the show, I slacked off watching it and started watching Torchwood instead, making sure to catch the Dr. Who/Torchwood Crossovers.

I didn\'t actually get back into Who till 10 started traveling with Donna, who remains my favorite companion of that incarnation.

Five/Turlough is my OTP, and while I\'ve never posted any of the stories I\'ve written online, I hope to correct that mistake by opening an account here. The stories were published in zines (yes, I\'m THAT old) but they need a lot of revising before they see the light of day on the internet.

When Torchwood ended, I restarted watching Dr. Who. I never really developed a taste for 10, though he was easier to watch when Donna was with him. I do, however, quite like 11.

I\'ve written quite a few Torchwood stories which I\'ll probably do some revising on and post here as well.

Five will always remain my favorite, though I\'m also quite fond of Two, Six, Seven, and Nine. I\'d like to get more into Eight, but most of the books and audio-plays with him in them are outside my price range.

My favorite companions are Turlough, Donna, Jamie and Sarah Jane. I was also hopelessly in love with Harry Sullivan, and believed he and Sarah Jane should get married. Then I grew up and realized it would\'ve only ended in tears.
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