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Hello! I have returned.

I love all the Doctor\'s incarnations, though I mostly write for the tenth. I am, for better or for worse, American, so I apologise in advance for any mistakes in that area. Also, I have seen some but not all of Classic Who, so I may miss a few details there.

I love tragedies, geeky jokes, good television, poetry, and the Universe.

I post one-shots and drabbles as the inspiration hits. An inordinate number of them contain liberal amounts of angst and hurt/comfort. I\'m currently working on continuing my Shelter series, but RL has gotten extremely busy so updates will be slow.

I also have an account on under the name Bookkeeperthe (because it\'s like \"Bookkeeper, the\", see, and . . . yeah) and on ao3 under the same name as here. Most of my non-Doctor Who stuff is Supernatural, but I also dabble in Criminal Minds, the Mentalist, and a few other fandoms.

To all my reviewers: I appreciate all your feedback and encouragement immensely. I apologise if you would prefer individual replies, but that\'s something that I can\'t commit myself to do in a timely manner. I\'ll try to get to them as I find the time, but I can\'t make any promises.

Regarding the Shelter series: I am working on a chaptered EoT fix-it. Progress is slow but now I at least know where it\'s going. As of 7/21/2014 I have nearly all of the first chapter written and a vague outline for the rest. However, I will be taking a week long trip at the end of July and a much longer one at the end of August, and I really have no idea whether I\'ll write faster or slower than usual on my trips.

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