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Penname:AceOnGallifrey (Laura, but you can call me Ace)
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Just a Whovian. My first episode was a rerun of The Caves of Androzani when I was just a kid, must\'ve been \'99 or something (though I didn\'t recall seeing it until recently). When the \"regenerated\" series hit the air, David Tennant hooked me and I promptly got swept away into the Whoniverse.

My favorite Doctor is a question that\'s open for debate, but I\'m quite fond of 10, 4, 5 and 3 (not necessarily in that order, because Pertwee and Tennant are locked in an Epic Battle To The Death for the top slot). I also have a soft spot for 11, as I see him as a weird jumbled-up combination of a bit of 2 and a lot of 4 (with much less interesting taste in neckwear).

My favorite companion is easily Ace (but only because I don\'t count Romana as a COMPANION- she\'s the Doctor\'s equal, not his sidekick), closely trailed by Donna, Nyssa, and Liz.

While we\'re on the subject of Romana... I love her. She is an absolutely incredible individual and my all-time favorite Doctor Who character, surpassing even the Doctor himself.
I also kind of hero-worship Ace. There is a REASON she inspired the Crowning Moment of Awesome trope, people.

I am a compulsive shipper of Doctor/Romana (any regeneration of either). Made for each other. Period.
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