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Hi! I\'m a Doctor Who fan (big surprise there) who also loves to write, so this was a natural development, I suppose.

My favorite Doctor is the Tenth, though I don\'t consider myself a Ten fangirl. I\'m not one of those people who hate all other Doctors that aren\'t 10. Just because I like 10 best doesn\'t mean that I\'m incapable of liking the other Doctors. I also love 5, 8, 9, 11, and 12...and really, I don\'t dislike any of them. I just prefer 10 as a character. He was awesome. But all of the Doctors are inherently awesome as well. :)

I\'m a 10/Rose shipper, but I don\'t actually have a favorite companion. I love them all. I ship 10/Rose because the Doctor loved her, not because I think Rose is inherently better than Martha, or Donna, or Amy, or Clara (well, maybe Clara...I\'m just really not a fan of how she\'s been written), or any of the others.

I also ship Amy/Rory and Eleven/River (sometimes). Also, I love any Doctor/TARDIS, though \"shipping\" them isn\'t quite the right word. She\'s the one companion who will never leave.

I accept the TARDIS is fully sentient, even if she isn\'t capable of communication the way we are. I think the show misses out on a lot by ignoring her obvious sentience. I loved \"The Doctor\'s Wife,\" but on the whole, they treat the TARDIS more as an object than a character. So the TARDIS will always be an actual character in my fics.

My most popular work, by far, has been my \"Step by Step\" trilogy. I also some post-Journey\'s end fics, and also have a whole series dedicated to the Year That Never Was. I\'ve also written some Tenth and Eleventh Doctor oneshots, and one attempt at 9.

Then there is my Twelfth Doctor series. See, when I first started out doing fanfiction, I was leery of trying to do justice to any of the Doctor\'s incarnations, so I created my own. Thus came the Twelfth Doctor, who comes after Matt Smith\'s 11th Doctor after an unfortunate incident with a spear. He travels with two human companions, Marissa and Alec. Most can function as standalones, unless otherwise indicated, though there may be passing references to previous stories.

I\'m American, for better or for worse, so while I try to use British terminology when I can, I forget sometimes. I also post my fics as I write them, so while I try to keep a consistant pace, some days, I get more done than others.

Ok, that went on way too long, and I doubt anyone read this whole thing. I usually don\'t... ;)

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