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I love reading and writing. There\'s just something about stories that make me pick up a book instead of a video game controller. (Though I\'m no stranger to video games!) If I\'m on the computer at home, and my sister hasn\'t kicked me off the net, odds are that I\'m reading fanfiction of some description. I\'ve been making my slow but steady way through the Fifth Doctor section, starting at the last page and working backwards. I\'m in the process of writing a Fifth Doctor story now actually. I\'ll post the first chapter once I\'ve finished it.

I also draw. I\'m not good with people though, so I\'m sorry if you were hoping to see some Doctor Who art from me. I have an account on deviantART under the same penname so feel free to take a look. I do have one piece of DW art - Captain Jack, Ten and Rose as wolves, but it\'s not done.

I only really got into Doctor Who fairly recently. The first episode I ever saw was \'Dalek\' with Chistopher Eccleston, but I never bothered following the show up after that. A couple of Doctor Who-loving friends changed that shortly after I met them.

I\'ve seen a fair bit of it now (all of the new series and most of the classic) and felt the urge to try my hand at some Who writing. I write for a few other fandoms but, in comparison, I\'m still wet behind the ears concerning our favourite Time Lord. I hope to remedy that quickly. :)

I welcome any and all help - beta readers, ideas, suggestions, good old plain constructive criticism. I am an Australian, so some things may be spelled slightly differently.

Do not assume that just because I\'m Aussie that I\'m like Tegan. They thrust just about every Aussie stereotype onto her and it annoys me sometimes. I try very hard to stay true to the show in all things British, particularly concerning the way Doctors One through Eight spoke. If you\'d like to offer help in that department then by all means drop me a line.

You can drop me a line about anything if you like. I\'m happy to chat through emails to anyone if there\'s mutual interests we can discuss. Which would be, rather obviously, Doctor Who first and foremost.
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