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I\'m FULL of unpopular opinions: Doctor/Rose is my OTP, I enjoyed series 5 but not nearly as much as I loved S1~S4 (S6 doesn\'t even bear mentioning except for a couple of standalone episodes), and Rose, Donna, and Martha are ALL my favourites. I\'m pretty fond of Amy, River and Rory too, and I LOVE Mickey. Why yes: I\'m pretty much a New Who fan.

I tend to ship canon - Doctor/Rose, Amy/Rory and to a lesser extent Mickey/Martha and Doctor/TARDIS, but have to admit an intense dislike for Eleven/River and that awful backstory (I liked them before Let\'s Kill Hitler and The Wedding of River Song.) I\'m also left with the distinct impression that Eleven->Amy existed, though less so Amy->Eleven.

Other (relevant?) interests: Fantasy books/comics, sci-fi tv, science tv, strange physics stuff, astronomy

The link at my livejournal is for my Doctor Who stories. All two of them. My stories for my other fandoms are here and here.

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