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I\'m a college student from Montana, a nerd and a geek hoping to double major in Music and English. I love writing, but often have a hard time finishing stories.

I\'m fairly new to Doctor Who, and have only watched Ten and Eleven so far, but have a feeling that will change soon. I also love Torchwood, though I hate when it gets sad. Given that these shows are really what drew me to slashfic, it\'s not surprising that many (if not most) of my favorite pairings are slash. I ship Ten/Simm!Master, Ten/Jack, Ten/Shakespeare, Jack/Ianto, Theta/Koschei (SO MUCH ADORABLENESS), Amy/Rory, probably Eleven/River, and Eleven/Vincent/Amy (Vincent and the Doctor being the only thing I have ever seen or read that has made me want to write threesome fic). I have a hard time with most Doctor/Companion stuff because I tend to feel it\'s fundamentally unequal.

In general, I like good writing, with good punctuation, grammar, vocab, etc. I love character study, and in-character writing is really important to me. This gets kind of difficult with my Ten/Simm!Master ship, but pull it off and I will love you forever.

Who knows if I\'ll ever post anything. I\'m tentatively working on a Ten/Shakespeare fic, and a Ten/Simm!Master piece (focusing on the Master in a character-study sort of way) and a Theta/Koschei thing which is sort of to help me figure out my personal canon so I can realistically portray later Doctor/Master stuff. Because I\'m crazy like that. But they may never get done.

I love reviews, so I\'ll try to leave them as often as possible. If I do get anything posted, please please please take the time to review it. You\'ll earn my undying gratitude.

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