DoctorTenFan (A.M. Glasovatz)

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In the past, I\'ve written mainly poetry and short stories. These were mainly for fun or sometimes class assignments.

I have one poem published in a poetry anthology called \"The Colors of Thought\". My poem was titled \"Seasons\".

Some time ago, I got bored re-reading books that I own. I wanted to read something new. So, I started writing some fan fiction. Eventually, I removed all of the characters that were not mine. I had found that I had created so many new characters and new situations that the story had become its own original work. I still work on it. Someday, when it\'s long enough I would like to show it to a publisher.

In July, 2006, I received an award from The International Society of Poets for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry. I received it for my poem called \"How Dark Is The Night?\" It is currently on

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