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I\'ve been a Whovian since I was in diapers. My first Doctor was the First. Go figure, I know, lol... Don\'t let that date me. It\'s not I was around to see it live, just as a re-run on public TV in Canada when I was six about twenty-five years AFTER it was originally aired. Let THAT date me... which means I saw The Five Doctors approximately two hours later, live.

I don\'t remember it much, unfortunately, but what I do remember is watching it with my grandfather, so you can blame him for starting me on Doctor Who. I wouldn\'t see it again, though, until 1996 when we watched the 8th Doctor grace the screen and then we would wait in vain for Paul McGann to return as Eight.

Irony was, although we liked Who, that neither of us would see it again until... ironically... The Pandorica Opens with the ELEVENTH. (Wait, what... how\'d we miss Nine, Ten and then an entire season of Eleven...?). Canadian networks being the way they are, we were then treated to sporadic repeats of various \"New Who\" Doctors, starting with Last of the Time Lords, much to our amusement, and then, even more out of order, Doomsday.

Cursed to only see season finales, it seemed...

Finally, we managed to find someway to catch up and watched everything from the restart with Rose back to we had found ourselves restarting with The Big Bang 2.

Unfortunately... what would be all my grandfather would live to see as he died in August 2010, two days before my 3rd wedding anniversary.

Besides Doctor Who, Grampa and I traveled extensively. And I mean everywhere. I was easily the closest to Grampa than anyone else in my family and he had the largest hand in raising me.

Small wonder that certain parallels with Doctor Who tend to tug my heartstrings. In many ways, we were \"The Doctor and Susan Foreman\".

I\'ll always carry that legacy with me.

I have to thank an anonymous (well, not to me, but she prefers to remain anonymous) web site designer and my husband for a Who-related Christmas gift this year. The two of them decided to pitch in and create a fan-site dedicated to my fan-series. If you want to check it out, you can find it at The Legacy

Thanks guys!
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