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Penname:AspieSays (Dani)
Member Since:2010.07.28
Website:http://the-cat-is-called-hamish.tumblr.com/ ; http://aspiesays.livejournal.com/
22 year old autistic geeky person who comes up with too many ideas.

I also like history and archaeology, which is the closest I\'ll get to time travel. I\'m a bit of a culture geek, so like Ten, I often include music and TV references. I write a lot of silly stuff and satire, and the odd adventure.

I have my own alternate universe, which the stories are set in. They are mostly Ten and Eleven because I am most confident in capturing their voices.

Ten/Martha, Eleven/a brand new Romana, Ten/pets, and Eleven/being nude for fun. Alonso the lizard/Donna (he\'s her biggest fan)

Alternate universe is Ten/Martha, my OTP, so a lot of my stories will be various combinations (and evidence, some need convincing!) of them plus Donna, Jack and occasionally a few other suprises, including indulging in \'Eleventh Doctor offends people\' drabbles :) (mostly \'Eleven runs around naked in public for dares\' if I\'m honest)

I love to write impassioned speeches on injustice that the Doctor makes, Jack being inappropriate Ten plus cute animals, and funny text messages between characters. Don\'t ask.

I obviously do not own DW, but can lay claim to Aggie, Emma Saxon, and Aggie\'s friend and love interest Isobel, history student and singer from 5 billion-ish, Romana V, Raspberry the dog: Ten\'s chocolate labrador, and Eleven\'s skinny dipping and running-around-with-no-clothes-on-for-fun-fetish. As well as Saxon Industries, the Master\'s new career (\'Wash Saxon!\').

Oh, and Alonso, the small, green, fluffy alien lizard, who is much cleverer than previously thought and spends its time trying to get as many shrieks of terror out of Donna as possible, and spends a lot of time living in the Doctor\'s hair and making googly eyes at Donna when it wants to. It comes in handy, eventually, see, the hair gel?
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