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Hello all!

Call me Otter. Pleased to meet. Polite introductions first; on paper I\'m a third year biomedical science student who\'s battling her way through chemistry classes. In life I\'m a dreamer, a half-Irish wild child, an eccentric, and a contemporary bard of sorts.I love stories and story-telling of all types, and write semi-professionally. Emphasis on the semi at the moment though; Iím a scrabbling student, and all I seem to write these days is (aaack) lab reports. So Iím taking a bit of time to practice my craft and have a little fun. I\'ll be spinning tales about the Doctor. I have been a fan of Doctor Who for around five years; my attention was captured by the witty repartee and, most of all, the emotions of the piece. The Doctor reminds me of my favorite Trickster characters throughout folklore, crossed with Sherlock Holmes, with a little of Merlin thrown in. I\'d always had small daydreams about what could happen to him, and when I stumbled into this site, my mind sparked at the realization that I could finally share them! Practicing with already formed characters is actually a bit of a challenge, since you need to keep in the spirit of the character, rather than setting your own parameters. But it is, I admit, also tons of fun.

Oh, on the subject of stories:

Disclaimer: If I owned Doctor Who, I would have enough money to pay my tuition. I don\'t, ergo I don\'t own the series. Or Torchwood. In fact, I don\'t own any of the characters in my stories. They just found my mind a convenient place to hang out for a bit. And people ask me why I\'m absent-minded...

I have a very thick skin for writing(my mother and a good friend are English teachers, and I\'m used to my works being murdered by them), and I am always striving to improve, so I\'d really like constructive reviews on whatever I write; anything you point out will allow me to work on it.

At the moment most of the work I\'m doing is in the form of a fairly cohesive series set in an alternate time line. Rather than Christmas and Cybermen, the Doctor took another road just after the events of Journey\'s End, one that led him back to his daughter. The stories in this series are, chronologically:

Wind in the North



Just A Moment (reading Walking and Dancing helps the reader understand this one)

one shots Out of Egypt and Movie Night

Pick Pocket

Anything not listed is probably canon. I\'ll post them chronologically.



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