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Hello! I\'m a student in Manchester, a massive Whovian and David Tennant fangirl!!

So yeah, you can imagine I was pretty upset when I watched the End Of Time... ;\'\'\'(

But hey! No doom and gloom! At the moment I\'m doing my GCSEs and exams (oh joy, coursework, because there\'s nothing I love more -_-), which means my updates are going either be in a large group (several chapters at once) or that they\'re going to be spaced out (like, say, once a week?). I\'m also rubbish at writing summaries.

Current Doctor-Who-Related Habits...

Bambi Doctor!! My new pet term on behalf of the Doctor, because a) large, brown, Bambi eyes. b) long, tall, gangly yet elegant limbs. c) CUTE! d) the deer-caught-in-the-headlights look.

Best Strange Dream EVER! (FTW!!) A very strange dream which usually occurs once every two weeks at least. It involves me sitting in a supermarket trolley, being pushed down an aisle in Tesco or Asda (usually depends on how good my day has been) by the Bambi-Doctor. As if that isn\'t strange enough, a cyberman is chasing us, threatening to kill us, when Captain Jack floors it with a carrier bag, saying \"Every Little Helps\". Then randomly, the Doctor insists on buying 38 jars of marmalade (yes, 38 - always 38!).

:D extra Bambi-Doctor hugs and love for you if you do have strange dreams like this.

Plot Bunny Attacks Not useful when I\'m in the middle of a mock GCSE exam and have a real exam very soon. Yes, plot bunnies, you can be helpful, but maybe later, yeah?

Alternate Universe I really hate you sometimes. Anytime I want to include Ten.2 (Human Doctor, who I call John), Rose, Jackie, Pete and Jake, I have to write in a whole load of technobabble to explain how you got there. Because you have to be awkward, don\'t you? Well, Russell, I\'m just gonna shove the dimension cannon and hopper together and give up!

Daleks LEAVE ME ALONE! All my other dreams seemed to be filled with them at the moment. The reason why it\'s a dream? Because Bambi-Doctor always saves me at the end :)

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