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Note for any of my readers -- I have just organized all my stories into series for easy searching. The number of stories was getting unwieldy. Every story is in at least one series, a couple are in more than one. Mostly the stories in series aren\'t really connected, otherwise.

Sigyn writes fanfic when desperate to avoid doing something more productive. She finds it all very silly, and is thrilled to allow her adjectives to proliferate uncontrollably, her ellipses to breed wildly, her dialogue to continue past the point of necessity, and relishes the freedom to use words like, “agony” and “mercurial”. All of her fanfiction stories are utterly self-indulgent. She has no \"favorite\" Doctor, and her stories tend to dart between one era and another at whim. She lives, unfortunately, in America, and has been watching Doctor Who from the age of six. She wept at nine when Tom Baker\'s Doctor died, and again at the loss of David Tenant, feeling nine years old again. In fourth grade she constructed an intricate K-9 costume for Halloween, replete with radar ears and glowing eyes, in a town where she had to explain to everyone who and what he was. And yes, the voice was perfect.

She enjoys reviews, even bad ones. In fact, she considers them polite, so if you\'ve bothered to read all this personal info stuff you might want to let her know what you think about the stories that made you bother to read it. (Why does no one else feel the need to review once the story has gone off the \"Most Recent\" list?) She tends to reciprocate readers. And thanks.

P.S. Everything I post is finished. I may be putting it up a chapter at a time, but I don\'t put up anything I don\'t already have a conclusion for. (There is one notable exception to this rule, but its easy to spot.)

Feel free to message me. I have no life.

All my fanfiction is also available on AO3 under the name "TheSigyn"
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