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Long story short, my stories ended up being deleted here from my phone so I slowly added them back here. If you want to read any of my non-Doctor Who stories, they’re over at Fanfiction.net under enchantment1972 and now I\'m also on AO3 under enchantment. Thank you to everyone who ever reviewed or favorited one of my stories or series, it meant a lot to me. :)

12/19/16. CURRENTLY WORKING ON: I just posted my first Big Bang Theory story and am currently working on finishing up the next chapter of To Fare As Human. I'm sorry to be taking my time with TFAH but I dearly love the 2nd Doctor with Zoe and Jamie (and now Rose!)and am trying my best to do them justice.

I haven't forgotten the universes of Forever After or Forevermore and am looking forward to visiting them again.

I've also finished drafting out 3 stories for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, almost finished one for Alien Nation and am still working on a draft for Bewitched, Land of the Lost and Dukes of Hazzard. I have also drafted several other story ideas for Dr. Who and Charmed but I have no idea which one I'll post next. Thanks again for reading my stories, I hope they've given you a laugh and a smile. :)

12/19/16 Please know that regardless of how long it takes me to finish a story, it will be completed. I don't like unfinished stories and I always have the entire story mapped out in my head before I even start writing. Unfortunately, real life may take me away from them from time to time or there may be a delay because of sudden inspiration from other stories, but I can assure you that they will be completed.

These are the series that I write in addition to one-shot Classic and New Who related stories. :)

Eleventh Heaven: The Doctor has been known to cause trouble all on his own but what kind of chaos ensues when the same man keeps meeting up with himself?

Forever After: The human Doctor and Rose finally have their forever. Unfortunately, humans don\'t have it as easy as the Doctor had always thought. Take a humorous look into the Doctor and Rose\'s lives as he learns how to live each day on the slow path, the human way.

Forevermore: In this \'verse, Rose didn\'t fall through the void, Pete and Mickey were trapped in the Doctor\'s universe and thanks to Bad Wolf, Rose\'s life span is now tied to the Doctor\'s. They finally have the two things that they never thought that they\'d be able to experience: domestic and a life together forevermore.

I Think You Need A Doctor: Why settle for just one Doctor when there are so many to choose from? What would life be like for Rose Tyler and the Doctor if she had traveled with any of his other selves instead? Throughout the Doctor’s many differences and similarities, the Doctor and Rose’s love and affection for one another remains the same.

The Soldier and the Savage: At the end of The Invasion of Time, Leela remained on Gallifrey so that she and Andred, Commander of the Chancellory Guard, could be together. Did you ever wonder what happened next? Take a glimpse into various times of their life together. I have tried to infuse the characters with as much heart and humor as I saw that they were capable of in the one story that they had together. The stories are not in chronological order and are only written as the ideas come to me.

Who’s In Love With The Big Bad Wolf?: In this ‘verse, The Sound of Drums never occurred and the Master had been trapped in Pete’s World due to consequences of the Time War. During the three years that Rose was there, they met, fell in love and saved the world. When the Time Lord Victorious broke through the barrier to rescue Rose and endangered two universes, the Master and Rose worked together to imprison him on the TARDIS until they could restore him to his former self. Now they’re the ones having adventures on the TARDIS while they search for a way to help the man who was once friend to them both. Special Occasions is set to give glimpses of Rose and the Master\'s lives together in Pete\'s World, there will be more stories to come that have their current travels in the regular universe and also one that showed how they lived in Pete\'s World.
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