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I\'m a Jack/Ianto shipper so I am likely to be biased in my critism in stories where they don\'t end up together. However, I will read well-written stories with Jack or Ianto with other people.

I\'ve been watching Doctor Who since it first was on American television on WOR (before it was on public television), and have seen most of the televised episodes.

I have mixed feelings about the official book series, liking some books more than others, reading more of the additional adventures of Seven and Eight because there wasn\'t as much on tv about them.


I like a lot of different stories, but I don\'t expect everyone to like mine. Explore my profile further, read some of the synopses and headers; and see if they are for you.

Some of my stories are teen rated, but they still tend to be dark and angsty overall.

I like to use the Master both as a character and as someone who starts things that make other things AU.

I ask people to remember or look up that even in the earliest appearances, the Master took some glee in killing humans.

His main dilemma, for me is trying to figure out why the Doctor actually likes humans and other lesser beings. While I don\'t judge him from human standards, he\'s not a good guy, and isn\'t beyond wonton murder of his own people.

If you like adult fiction, \"Mastering Humanity\" is a combination of an existing story - \"The Seductions of Ianto Jones\" and a crossover with the Buffy-verse that allows Ianto to have a friend (Dawn) who may become his lover or more... however the college stuff going on keeps them separated for a while.

Ianto and Dawn know each other in the beginning and do get together in the last third of this story. However, the goal of this experiment is to have Ianto the same as he appeared in the series. Thus there will be a separation and there will be both Lisa/Ianto and Jack/Ianto in Ianto\'s future.

The story is now complete and you can read all of the chapters.

The next story concentrates on Jack and Ianto, followed by Simms Master and Ianto, followed by Jack and Ianto, followed by a conflict with The Master, Jack and Ianto. Hope this helps!

Most of my teen-rated stories are part of a series such as, \"Ianto Jones and Dawn Summers, A University Memory\" is a teen-rated excerpt/recap/stand-a-lone based on part the plot of \"Mastering Humanity\" and is the first in a series of stories that will bring the story forward in time to have Dawn seek out Ianto post TW series 2, and have her team up with Jack and Ianto (and maybe Gwen) to fight a new threat from the Master.

Eventual Ianto/Jack/Dawn, although nothing explicit in the Teen-rated stories.

I see Ianto as strong willed, intelligent and resourceful. We\'ve seen him in the series with the ability to have both deep emotions and cover for his own feelings.

\"Mastering Humanity\" is my longest posted story, novel length. However, if the amount of nasty stuff (mixed in with a lot of adult activity that he actually likes) gets too intense for you, I\'ve tried to recap the highlights in the summaries and author\'s notes of the much shorter sequels.

CROSSOVER STORY CHALLENGE: Torchwood and The Sentinel

Naomi Sandberg never told Blair who is father was because she really didn\'t know due to an incident with aliens and retcon.

Captain Jack Harkness is Blair\'s biological father (based on the series he was born in 1969 which leaves a lot of room for long-haired (or wigged) Jack on undercover assignments).

If you\'re not that familiar with TS, let\'s just say Blair has a lot of Harkness\' charm when it comes to approaching women, but Blair tried to tone it down after Jim and his fellow detectives started teasing Blair about \"table legs.\" So perhaps there was some equal opportunity flirting that we didn\'t see in episodes.

- Bonus if you keep The Sentinel characters at their right ages... the show started in 1996 (pilot shot in 1995). This means interpreting what happened after the end of the series, or picking a favorite from another fan fic.

- Bonus if Blair interacting with Jack leads to AU-ey goodness in season 2 and 3 of Torchwood (i.e. Blair\'s brilliant mind and ability to look at problems along cultural lines plus years of detective work with Jim keeps more characters from TW alive with alternate/additional problem solving/action or allows Blair to figure out how to outsmart a paradox).

Send me a note if you post something!

YOU MIGHT WANT TO LOOK AT MY FAVORITE AUTHORS, rather than favorite stories. I tend to \"favorite\" an author if I like 4 or more of their stories, rather than favoriting each, individual story.
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