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Hey everyone =] My name\'s Sarah and I watch way too much tv to be considered normal...which I suppose is a good thing in an aspiring tv actress but there you go. This also means that I have a freakish talent for remembering whole sections of script off-by-heart so don\'t be totally surprised that several of my fics contain copious amounts of actual show quotes. You. Have. Been. Warned.

I love writing. Mostly it\'s just fluffy stuff because it\'s easy to write in between college work and I tend to post it on fanfiction.net under the penname \'LiteratiAngel\'. I love the new generation of Doctor Who, particularly David Tennant\'s Doctor (although I have seen Classic Who, I only really remember it from BBC2 when I was about seven and they showed re-runs of Tom Baker as Four) and I adore Torchwood in all its angsty glory.

I like to think that I know my characters inside and out, possibly even better than I know myself but that\'s a little bit of fibbing on my part as I don\'t own the fabulous characters that I write about...I merely play with their lives. But I do know them fairly well and I don\'t tend to go OOC.

I have kinda vintage tastes in music, books and films. I\'m a big fan of Beat Generation writing when it comes to books and I love the classics. Film-wise, I\'ll watch pretty much anything as long as it\'s not horror (\'cause they\'re kinda overrated...ok, they all die, we get it!) but I don\'t tend to use movies that much in my writing for fear of using a totally off-the-wall reference! Musically, I\'m a jazz singer, which links in with my love of all things Beat (as they were heavily influenced by the Bop/Jazz style). I also tend to go for 70s and 80s music. I know that some people claim that the 80s were a blot on the musical landscape but I beg to differ...some of the best music of all time came out of the 80s! Queen were an 80s band, for god\'s sake! But of course, I can\'t ignore the fact that I\'m a child of the 90s and so I believe wholeheartedly that the ownership of Spice Girl memorabilia shouldn\'t be mocked! As well as all that, I like slightly more obscure bands like Neutral Milk Hotel because musically and lyrically, Jeff Magnum is a complete genius and it\'s because of this that I tend to use NMH songs as stimuli for ficlets.

Well, that\'s about all the rambling I can do for one day (nah, I\'m kidding, I\'ve got tons more rambling potential stored up but I\'m being nice and letting you all recover from reading this!). So, for all those of you who persevered through this crazy word-vomit of a profile, I give you hearty congratualtions (woah, I just time-travelled to the 18th Century with that one!) and I hope you all like my stuff.

Just remember people...if all else fails...reviews equal love :) (Einstein didn\'t think of that one, did he?)
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