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I\'m a 24-year-old Canadian girl, trained to be a secretary and unsuccessfully looking for a job for about three years now - though I\'d much rather be a writer. I love a great many things, including Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, LotR, The Princess and the Goblin, The Last Unicorn, Harry Potter, Lorien Legacies, Slayers, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, True Blood, Underworld, Shakespeare, Gone With the Wind, Labyrinth, Winnie the Pooh, Batman, X-Men, NCIS, Bones... and I can\'t seem to stop reading Twilight, much to my eternal shame (I\'m beginning to agree with my friend, who claims the pages are laced with cocaine to make us keep reading them).

I love to read, write, watch movies (especially at the movie theatre), swing on swings (you can never be too old for swings), play with my niece and nephews, hang out with my friends, sing (though not in public)... and I am obsessed with history, and various mythologies and legends. Ancient Egypt and the life of Cleopatra VII are my greatest passions, though I also have a great love of Ancient Greece and Rome, the Tudors (especially Elizabeth I), the Victorian Era, and the Old South. I am also rather freakishly good at remembering lines (word for word) from the movies and shows that I watch.

I have written several other fics before, though only one of them is also for Doctor Who (I haven\'t finished it yet, and have actually been planning to rewrite what I have written, as I\'m not entirely pleased with it). I prefer to write long fics, preferably as an entire series, and am likely to include crossovers when it\'s Doctor Who - they just work so well! I also prefer to use a character of my own creation as the main character, rather than the pre-existing ones - I\'m simply more comfortable with it, and it allows me to provide a new perspective on things. And creating new characters is fun. :p
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