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\"Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart\"

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Nickname: Tiff, Tiff Tiff, Tiffers, Timelady

Birthdate: 03/08/1995

Current Location: Blackley

Eye Colour: Brown

Hair Colour: Drk Brown

Height: No idea

Piercings: Ears - that\'s it!

Tattoos: None

Boyfriend/Girlfriend: ...

Vehicle: Tardis :D

Overused Phrase: Totally Awesome! or Fair do\'s!


Food: Chips!

Pub/Disco/Restaurant: McDonalds or Pizza Hut :D

Number: 10

Colour: Blue or Pink or Purple

Drink: Coke

Body Part On Opposite Sex: Eyes

Perfume: shrug

TV Show: Doctor Who

Movie: Ice Age 1, 2 and 3!

Actor/Actress: David ;)


Pepsi Or Coke: Coke

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot Chocolate

Kiss Or Hug: Hug

Dog Or Cat: Cat

Summer Or Winter: Winter

Scary Movies Or Funny Movies: Scary with humour

Love Or Money: Love from friends ;)


Bedtime: Go to bed about 9:30-ish but watch Doctor who til 10:30 ;)

Most Missed Memory: July 7th 2009 or 31st March 2007 or 3rd August 1995 :(

Best Physical Feature: The eyes

First Thought Waking Up: Another day :)

Ambition: Be a writer

Best Friends: Taylor, Sarah, Philip, Gareth, Kirsty

Weakness: Fear of death


Longest Relationship: 1 Year


Cheated On Your Partner: No

Ever Been Beaten Up: No

Ever Beaten Someone Up: No

Ever Shoplifted: When I was in the buggy I stole a tellytubby ;)

Ever Skinnydipped: No

Ever Kissed Opposite Sex: No

Been Dumped Lately: No


Favourite Eye Colour: Brown

Favourite Hair Colour: Drk Brown

Height: Taller than me obviously but not too tall

Style: Not bothered - as long as they are not emo, acknowledge me, don\'t cheat, spend time with me instead of with another girl :D

Looks Or Personality: Personality

Hot Or Cute: Cute

Muscular Or Really Skinny: Normal


What Country Do You Want To Visit: Austraillia

How Do You Want To Die: Something heroic :D

Been To The Mall Lately: Yeps

Get Along With Your Parents: Yeps

Health Freak: No!

Do You Think You\'re Attractive: sometimes maybe

Believe In Yourself: I try to :)

Want To Go To College: Yeps

Do You Smoke: Nopes

Do You Drink: Nopes

Shower Daily: Yeps

Been In Love: Twice - first doesn\'t count, it was at primary ;)

Do You Sing: Yeps

Want To Get Married: NEVER

Do You Want Childen: NEVER

Age You Wanna Lose Your Virginity:

Hate Anyone: Yes, I try not to but I cannot help it!

AOL IM None ICQ None MSN IM None Yahoo IM None

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