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Hi! I\'m from Britain, and I am really intrested in writing... Okay, the Doctor Who. I am a massive 10/Rose fan, so I think most of my fics will be about them! My first ever Doctor Who episode was with the autons and rose, so maybe thats why I like her so much! I thought our Donna was really great, so she\'ll be appearing, as well as Jack too as he was lovely. Martha, she was lovely but something about me didn\'t quite like her. However, I am not a hater likely to get her killed off, and she can appear too. I don\'t like slash, femslash, ( though I have nothing against them in real life, I just don\'t like reading it) or any Donna or Martha/Ten. Here are the groupings I like-


I like watching 9, but just can\'t stomach 9 smut or fic, don\'t know why. If anyone is interested, the best Madame De Pompadour fic is from newdrwhofran, its a non Reinette-bashing, non Doctor/Reinette romance, eventually a bit of Doctor/Rose romance. In fact, every single one of her stories are brilliant, as are everyone\'s stories in my favorite authors. Thanks to all of you!

Thanks for reading!
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