1. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 11] (967 words)
This was written (and is still being written) for the winter challenge on x_mouthonlegs_x lj comm. As such, it is primarily a Tegan story. The first chapter, however, is the Doctor's POV.

2. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 2] (2478 words)
Thanks to jenl25 & warinbabylon for beta-reading services. Anything you don't like below is my fault. Mea culpa.

3. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 1] (1994 words)
Don't tell me a humanoid race gets to be millions of years old without refining their hygiene technology.

4. Chapter 4 [Reviews - 2] (2024 words)
I'm trying to stay close to the canon of Gallifrey as depicted in episodes like 'Deadly Assassin' and 'Invasion of Time.' And then there are these things called BOOKS that put ideas in my HEAD and refuse to apologize.

5. Chapter 5 [Reviews - 1] (2710 words)
I could spend a few months researching all the different things novels have done with Gallifrey, or I could just post another chapter. Guess which I did. I'm not trying to keep to any book canon, but shamelessly cherry-pick.

6. Chapter 6 [Reviews - 0] (2216 words)
On their way back, they met Jim Morrison in the desert. Tegan realized her mission was to bring rock and roll to Gallifrey. And sex and drugs.


7. Chapter 7 [Reviews - 2] (3078 words)
It's good to be the President. Have a nice long chapter.

8. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 4] (3516 words)
I think dating on Gallifrey must be rather like it is for Discworld dwarves. There it starts with very discreetly discovering what sex the other dwarf is under all that beard and chainmail. I will leave the pursuit of this analogy to the interested reader.

9. Chapter 9 [Reviews - 4] (3271 words)
I'm reminded of the old insult, 'Take a long walk off a short pier.' And if you don't know who Robert Redford is, ask your mother. Tegan's a girl of the 80s, ya know.

10. Chapter 10 [Reviews - 3] (2509 words)
*coff* once again, not necessarily sticking to any canon except the televised episodes. And thanks for all the nice reviews; I'm glad y'all are enjoying it.

11. Chapter 11 [Reviews - 0] (2899 words)
Tegan may not know much about art, but she knows what she likes.

12. Chapter 12 [Reviews - 3] (2413 words)
This is the run up to the party proper.

13. Chapter 13 [Reviews - 3] (2295 words)
New clothes, old faces, and lots of surprises. Tegan finds some numbers in a closet. The party has begun!

14. Chapter 14 [Reviews - 1] (1998 words)
Is anyone else hearing 'As The World Falls Down' from the Labyrinth soundtrack? Cos I'm hearing it.

15. Chapter 15 [Reviews - 3] (3254 words)
'I don't need a doctorate to speak with authority
40,000 years we've been painting in caves
I don't need an answer to each of my questions
When the nape of your neck just won't let me "behave"'

16. Chapter 16 [Reviews - 2] (1925 words)
The party's over. Since this is a short chapter, I thought I'd go ahead and get it posted.

17. Chapter 17 [Reviews - 5] (2257 words)
The Professor has been reading spy thrillers, apparently.

18. Chapter 18 [Reviews - 0] (2600 words)
The Doctor and Tegan have a deep philosophical discussion. Not sex.

19. Chapter 19 [Reviews - 4] (2708 words)
Martusan shows Tegan his vat of luv. And some other stuff happens.

20. Chapter 20 [Reviews - 6] (3158 words)
No one talks about the Gallifreyan Fight Club.

21. Chapter 21 [Reviews - 2] (2825 words)
The Doctor and Tegan have a long talk in the vicinity of a bed.

22. Chapter 22 [Reviews - 3] (2361 words)
"Whoever named this place Befuddle Hall knew his business! I am certainly befuddled." - from 'Little Nemo In Slumberland' by Winsor McKay.

23. Chapter 23 [Reviews - 3] (2393 words)
I'd just like to say again, because it can't be said enough, thanks for all the kind reviews. I deeply appreciate them.

24. Chapter 24 [Reviews - 2] (2733 words)
'And so it begins. The trap is set. The prey approaches. A glorious winter is about to descend on House Atreides and all its heirs, and very soon, the years of humiliation visited upon my family will finally be avenged.' - Baron Harkonnen, from Dune, the 2000 mini-series.

25. Chapter 25 [Reviews - 3] (2343 words)
Tegan and Keludar have a long philosophical discussion about sex, but without a bed. More action next chapter, I promise. And you'll find out what the Doctor's doing when Tegan finds out.

26. Chapter 26 [Reviews - 2] (2765 words)
Tegan spends time in Martusan's bed, but just to be clear, she has no company in it. And the Doctor shows up.

27. Chapter 27 [Reviews - 1] (2881 words)
In which much exposition is exposed and dies in committee. In other words, Tegan particpates in the Gallifreyan legal system.

28. Chapter 28 [Reviews - 3] (3349 words)
The end is nigh for this story, and for a certain character.

29. Chapter 29 [Reviews - 11] (2615 words)
Here we reach the end of the tale. Thanks go out to warinbabylon, who gave me feedback and held my hand when I was being neurotically needy. Thanks to all of you who read, and all of you who reviewed. I deeply appreciate the response this story has received. In the end, as in the beginning, I have returned POV to the Doctor. After all, he's the President.