The Calm Before the Storm

by Kalleah [Reviews - 174]

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  • Adult
  • Explicit Sex
  • Angst, Het

1. Chapter 1 [Reviews - 21] (1970 words)
It might help to read my ficlet To Be Human before this, just to give a little background for the Doctor and Rose's spiritual views before reading this, but it's not necessary. Spoilers through the end of Fear Her.

2. Chapter 2 [Reviews - 1] (1736 words)
The monks and monastery in this story are based somewhat loosely on the Trappist order, but I've taken substantial license with them.

3. Chapter 3 [Reviews - 3] (1892 words)
Rose spends the day with Jacob and sees much more of the daily workings of the community.

4. Chapter 4 [Reviews - 5] (1487 words)
There are some fairly minor spoilers for the Tenth Doctor novel The Stone Rose in this chapter.

5. Chapter 5 [Reviews - 4] (2613 words)
This chapter is quite a bit more angsty than the last. The quotation Rose references is from my fictional existential author Thomas Vaughn Voight, discussed in my ficlet To Be Human. Knowledge of that story is not essential to following this one, but you're welcome to read it in any case.

6. Chapter 6 [Reviews - 3] (1467 words)
This came out in a rush, and isn't as long as other chapters, but it was a logical point for a pause. I'll likely come back to this later in the week. May take a moment to write something silly for the Happy!Who challenge to clear my head from Deep Thoughts.

For those of you who have commented, I am humbled by your praise. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For those who have read without commenting, I thank you for coming along with me, and hope this has been as rewarding to read as it has been for me to write.

The quotation is from the Bible, 1 John 4:16 (but if you haven't started reading, don't let that scare you away.)

7. Chapter 7 [Reviews - 8] (2319 words)
I spent a lot of time this week reading and researching, and, to give credit where credit is due, I found a great deal of information (and the words for the service that Rose attends) at As before, I've taken literary license with the service but wanted to have it grounded at least somewhat in fact.

Putting this chapter out there for the world is a little like standing naked in front of an audience. Constructive criticism and feedback is always welcomed, read, and occasionally reread. I continued to be amazed at the response to this story and hope you're getting half the enjoyment out of reading this than I am from writing it. The little creative part of my brain is all aflutter. :)

8. Chapter 8 [Reviews - 4] (1257 words)
This chapter is from Jacob's POV, which is challenging for many reasons.

Quotations used:
Jacob's reading is, of course, from the Bible, specifically the 23rd Psalm.
"How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself." -Publilius Syrus
"Je suis condamné à être libre." Translation: I am condemned to be free. -Jean-Paul Sartre
"I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings." (Hos. 6:6)
"Kill me, I pray thee, out of hand, if I have found favour in Thy sight; and let me not see my wretchedness." (Num. 11:15)

9. Chapter 9 [Reviews - 5] (1547 words)
After his conversation with Jacob, the Doctor astonishes Rose with a question.

10. Chapter 10 [Reviews - 9] (2080 words)
Thanks to sensiblecat for the new summary, and happy Valentine's day to all of you.

11. Chapter 11 [Reviews - 10] (2259 words)
After protests of "this is not smut!" from reviewers here, on LJ, and even email responses, I'm changing my caution for this chapter and the overall rating for the story (which is now an R and labeled Adult). I don't want anyone to go into this chapter and not know that there is a sex scene, but it's not gratuitous. This is the consummation of the whole story, not just the physical relationship between the Doctor and Rose.

12. Chapter 12 [Reviews - 5] (1686 words)
I felt that there was too much left unspoken between the Doctor and Rose for there not to be at least one more really serious conversation between them. There is sex in this chapter as well. (What, didn't think I was going to have them still in bed, talking about serious stuff, and just roll over and sleep?). Anyway, as with chapter eleven, this isn't smut, but it's clearly adult material, so be forewarned.

I know I keep saying "one more chapter," so I'll quit saying it. You'll know it's the last chapter when they get in the TARDIS and leave. After that, the epilogue.

13. Chapter 13 [Reviews - 6] (1844 words)
Thirteen may be an unlucky number, but this is just a happy chapter. I like happy chapters. Happy chapters are good. The Morning After. Rose wakes up with the Doctor, and predictably, it isn't what she expects.

14. Chapter 14 [Reviews - 6] (793 words)
A short chapter - Rose and Jacob have a talk. The quote in the chapter is from Thomas Merton, reknown Trappist monk.

15. Chapter 15 [Reviews - 5] (1822 words)
Definitely longer than the last chapter and admittedly low on plot movement, but again, I think we need some illustration of the good times that Rose and the Doctor share, rather than just glossing over them.

16. Chapter 16 [Reviews - 4] (2503 words)
A couple of author's notes. This chapter is most emphatically adult, and R.

1. ivydoor, I had planned the coat stuff before your comments, but cheers, this one's for you. :)
2. For reviewer amaranthaseven at Teaspoon, yes, there's al fresco sex here.
3. Absolutely, positively, zero Jacob in this chapter. Rose would have died. And so, despite his fairly liberal views on romance, would have Jacob.

17. Chapter 17 [Reviews - 6] (2204 words)
Oh, the creative mind is all a flitter this fantastic weekend. It is absolutely gorgeous outside and between running around wildly outside and staring in delighted happiness at blooming azaleas (blooming azaleas! it is spring), I have been writing like mad.

18. Chapter 18 [Reviews - 6] (1713 words)

19. Chapter 19 [Reviews - 4] (2508 words)
Another love scene. I won't say "smut" for fear of getting fussed at. And, along with sex, some humor.

20. Chapter 20 [Reviews - 6] (1950 words)
This is the final chapter before the epilogue.

21. Epilogue [Reviews - 53] (2487 words)
I admit freely that I cried when I wrote this. Multiple times. This epilogue has been fluid and ever-changing throughout the last ten or so chapters, and it has me more than any of the rest of the story. I have loved this journey and I am so sad to have it end, but so glad to have shared it with you, whether you have commented or not. If you haven't, I would adore a brief line from you, just to know you're there. If this has touched you, know it has touched me, too.

There is more to come, I promise. I am busy at work on a sequel and will share it when it's ready. Until then, adieu.