the seven doctors

by addison_rules [Reviews - 0]

  • All Ages
  • General, Swearing
  • Action/Adventure, Humor, General

Author's Notes:
not finished, bad spelling and swearing references like sh.. and you would now that means what it means

the seven doctors
"good work dracula oh look two miserable time lords and a beautiful tardis"
he kicked the tardis control
"not the best tardis in the world, only a type 40, but hey, once the ultimate allience is made i will take this tardis and your body doctor......"
the ninth doctor jumped up and switched the tardis sos signal
"kill them" ordered the master
"our pleasure" replied dracula
they held up there rifles
"open firrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
suddenly the tardis started materalizing on top of the two doctors
the two looked around shocked.
they were in a bare silver coloured room.
"are i all right?" the man had bright hair and clothes, with a long coat which was patched worked.
"so i've decided to break the first law in time" said two
"no i heard a distress call and i came to help" replied the man oviously the sixth doctor
"me stop shouting at myself" shouted nine to two
"sorry my majesty"
"well i should be and im the most recent so you should listen to moi" said nine pointing to my....himself.
"alright how are we going to stop the sontarans and the master" asked nine
"ive got it!" replied two" tardis police have the abilty to land there tardis in the other tardises console and that tardis would be stuck in side the police tardis in a small cube"
"so we do that?"
"well its worth a shot"
the second doctor looked over at peri trying to understand what they had just said
"how are you?" asked nine
"ummmmm i errrr" she replied
"they are me" explained six
"yes i've met scruffy hair but not big ears"
"yes well i will be him"
"lets land the tardis in your tardis now shall we!"
"hmmmm lets"
they all ran to the console and started flying it
the sontarans and the master stared as the tardis dematerialized
then it appeared again over by the console well actually landing in the console
"oh no" whispered the master
inside the tardis the ninth doctor held out his hand as a small see through cube materialized in it.
"here we go"said nine looking at the cube "my tardis"

the fourth and tenth doctors were at a tardis flying it to somewhere of 30 feet.
the daleks did nothing
they stoud there not moving or twitching staring at the doctors
rose and k-9 were over by a chair sitting down
the column in the middle of the console rose and fell
rose watched it go up and down
she moved her head to see what the daleks were doing
one of the daleks turned to rose and gave her an evil look
even knowing it had no emotions rose could tell it was angry
the column stopped
"there you go" smiled ten
the daleks turned around and went out of the tardis
they looked around and saw they were on the side of the swimming pool
the tardis doors slammed shut and the tardis dematerialized
"halt!" ordered a dalek to the tardis
it was gone
"identify your self" shouted something from the shadows
"we are daleks what are you?!"
out of the shadows came cybermen
lasers filled the room and both sides took casulties

the tardis materialized near the entrance to the car park
all three of the doctors ran out
but the sixth and the ninth doctor turned and stared at the second doctor
"your going to stay here"
"why me?"
"because if you die we never exist"
the second doctor turned around and went back into the tardis
the two other doctors ran off
"hello peri" said the second doctor to peri
"hi doctor"
"you know what?"
"i don't care what they say i'm going for an adventure"
the doctor walked out of the tardis and....
"halt!" there was a huge cyberman
it grabbed the doctor and pulled him away
"run peri"
peri ran out of the tardis and into the car park.
the car park was completly destroyed
dead bodys and explosions everywhere
cybermen daleks and autons fighting each other
it was chaos
peri ran as fast as she could in one of the directions
then a cyberman stomped in front of her
suddenly the cyberman died in a hail of bullets
she turned and saw five people with pistols aiming where the cyberman was.
"thank you" she thanked
"don't mention it" one said
"blooming cyberbuts" added another
"well it's dead now"
one of the men looked at peri's neck
he lept forward and embedded his fangs which had just grown into her neck
"we're vampires, thats what" he added

"what did you go doing that for?!" ordered one of the other vampires
"i was hungry"
"thats no excuse!"
"well shes one of us now"
an explosion ripped overhead and they all scarped carrying peri

the fourth and tenth doctor ran out of the newly materialized tardis
they had landed in a corridor
both of the doctors ran to the east wing
little did they know but the ninth and sixth doctors were also running in that direction

then they met
"oh hello me"
"oh yeah hi"
"good to see me"
"hmmmm yes it is"
rose and k-9 came running after the doctors down the corridor
"who are.... doctor!"
she hugged the ninth doctor
"i haven't seen you since you turned into him"
she pointed to the tenth doctor
"ummmm yes well i umm"
"i see i've regenerated and ive become sexy" stated the sixth doctor
"hmmm the only one of us" added the fourth doctor
"hey!" said nine "what about me, you saying im not handsome"
"well...." said one of the other doctors
"rrrrrr" murmered the ninth doctor
"well ummm old doctor what are you doing here?"
"well me and jack just...."
"jack! is he here?"
"yes but...."
daleks shifted down the corridor
"but doctor you got rid of them, all the daleks" asked rose" just then, in the pool remember"
suddenly cybermen burst through the other end of the corridor
"we're trapped!"
"errrr, i guessed!"
one of the daleks was the black leader dalek
and one of the cybermen was the cyberleader
"you declared war on the cybermen!" shouted a cyberman
"this is not war this is pest control!" replied a dalek
"duck!" shouted the tenth doctor as they all jumped to the floor
lasers flew over there heads
a laser hit the space just next to rose's bag and out of it flew a mirror
a dalek laser hit the mirror and laser reflected off and hit the cyberleader

the second doctor struggled to get out of the cybermans grip
soon they went past another cyberman
the one holding the doctor let go and went over to the other cyberman
"cyberleader one has been terminated"
"i will be upgraded to cyberleader"
one cyberman put its hand on the other ones cybus logo
the second doctor ran off

the eigth doctor walked into the darkend room
grace walked out
"hello?" she shouted
"no! youll turn the....."
alert! alert! alert!
"alarms on" he sighed
the lights turned on
there below them was the nestene conciosness
"what do you want?" it roared "do you work for my enemy?"
" no not really"
little did they notice a thick tenticle of liquid plastic coming up to them from behind.
then it wrapped its self around the doctror leg
"arrrgh!!" he screamed with agony
"fu.."luckily he screamed before he finished his sentence
the hot plastic burned through his trouser and started eating away at his leg.
grace quickly looked around for something to use.
then, she saw a metal box, she picked it up and smacked the tenticle.
it screamed let go of the doctor,lost its strength and fell through the grated floor.
the doctor and grace stood up
"thats ok"
they found themselves stairing into each others eyes.
and then kissed.

the doctors different selves layed on the floor.
what could they do?
then the ninth doctor noticed that some of the cybermen had big guns which just happened to shoot big laser.
and these laser would really damage a dalek force field.
the ninth doctor darted towards a cyberman.
then he jumped at it.
being super strong it would have been able to hold him up yet the sheer surprise of it all cause it to topple over.
the other doctors took this opportunity
the tenth doctor got up and slid inbetween a cybermans legged and grabbed a dropped gun.
the sixth doctor ran and tried to tackle a whole group of cybermen. the fourth doctor help himself and rose up and lead her
into a corner
"sit here" he said and ran to k-9
"k-9, activate your defence mode!"
"affirmative" then a small tube came out of k-9 nose and it started firing at the daleks.
the fourth doctor then ran into a dalek pushing it back into its fellow monsters.
all was going well until
"arrgh!" the fourth doctor was hit by a stray cyberman bullet.
all the other doctors looked at him
the only thing the tenth doctor could say was
"oh sh...."